Write to Matter Workshop

Write to Matter will host a workshop that will be centered on the theme of appreciation.Visitors are invited to learn about Write to Matter, see and participate in making greetings, and practice writing to an exhibiting artist.

Write to Matter notes that it is easy to respect a person’s place in this world when things are comfortable and pleasant, but how does society feel about someone who has lost their way?  Coping, healing and accepting circumstances surrounding a loved one who is incarcerated can be emotionally draining.  Maintaining heartfelt communication can have a tremendously positive impact on all relationships affected by the absence of a loved one.  Perhaps you want to write, but you may not know where to begin when you put pen to paper.  Our greetings are written from a place of understanding of the emotional process.  If our cards help to capture a thought, we can only hope it will serve as a means to convey your message.  Simply sending a written message can profoundly transform the day of someone who matters to you.