The Journey From Confinement to Release: The Impact of Both on Female Survivors of Abuse

Presented by Donna Hylton, B.S., M.A. From Life to Life,LLC., Founder/Director, and Criminal Justice Advocate, Speaker, Humanitarian, Thursday, July 21, 1:00 PM
As a public program for our summer exhibition project at HEHG, Visions of Confinement: A Lens on Women in the US Prison System, we will have Donna Hylton, founder of From Life to Life, a national human rights initiative dedicated to dismantling the prison industrial complex. The focus of her presentation tomorrow will be the journey from confinement to release and the impact of both on female survivors of abuse.
Drawing upon her experience as a victim of abuse and imprisonment at a New York women’s maximum correctional facility for twenty-seven years, she has become a prominent activist against mass incarceration and gender inequality.