Mental Health: A Discussion

Presented by Haley Lee Toro with Traci Lang, Saturday July 9 at 12:30 PM

The importance of mental health is not taken into account by the government when they arrest individuals; similarly, when entering and being released from prison, mental health is still not addressed. It is difficult to know for certain the impact of prison on an inmate’s mental health because there are no quantifiable methods for measuring this by either the federal, state or local system. Our only way of gaining knowledge about mental health comes from formerly incarcerated people whose  anecdotal stories give us some sense of the trauma they feel.

Haylee Lee Toro will lead a discussion on a myriad of areas regarding mental health including:untreated trauma, redefining mental health as a society; and becoming a trauma informed society. 

Some goals with this panel will be: to share the issues in regards to mental health during incarceration  and reentry; break down stigmas in regards to mental health issues and encourage self love; and  discuss the history of mental health in prison.