Love Thyself First Workshop

Love Thyself First presents this three-part workshop/support group on Saturdays from 12:00-2:00. LTF offers a space for the learning of information related to mental health in addition to creating a supportive safe space environment where healing can become a reality. Through LTF, women will become aware of their thought process and learn the skills to combat common trauma through the exploration of education, self love exercises and receive help through referrals to partner agencies.

Due to the nature of short time this workshop, LTF will at the very least create awareness for the women and this group will lend to support in action form to the undertone that has been mentioned over the summer by many women who have experienced incarceration.

About Love Thyself First: LTF is a women’s program centered around self love and mental health advocacy.  As a program, Love Thyself First fosters women’s psychological and spiritual growth through artistic mediations. As an advocate for mental health, Love Thyself First looks to be the voice to eliminate insensitive  stigmas regarding mental health by encouraging the importance of a “wellness connection” (mind, body and spirit) and  the three “action steps” to achieve it.

In the past LTF has created community events where we celebrate being a woman and sisterhood, the events were also designed for women to receive encouragement to love themselves first, step out in faith and live in purpose.