Die Jim Crow

Die Jim Crow is a concept album LP which is in production.

The album is written and performed by formerly and currently incarcerated black singers and songwriters from across the country.

The album title is inspired by Michelle Alexander’s book “The New Jim Crow”, which equates the U$ prison system to a modern day racial caste system similar to the old form of Jim Crow segregation in America.

The U$ has the largest prison and criminal justice system in the world, which targets black communities nationwide. After leaving prison, the “felon” label leaves folks stripped of basic rights such as housing, employment, voting, and education.

This Jim Crow-like system was accelerated by the war on drugs and the mass incarceration boom which began in the 1980s and continues to this day. In that time span, the U$ prison and jail population saw an unprecedented increase of over 400%, with black Americans being the most disproportionately affected.

Die Jim Crow addresses this human rights crisis through song.

Inspired by Pink Floyd’s 1979 concept album “The Wall”, Die Jim Crow explores the journey of the contributing artists through intimate first-person narrative, overarching political themes, and haunting musical through-lines. Fusing several genres of traditionally African American music, the album features rock n roll, jazz, blues, r&b, hip hop, and more.