Breaking Down Patriarchy: An Interactive Workshop with Art and Resistance Through Education (ARTE)

This past year ARTE has engaged incarcerated adolescents in a human rights program using the arts.  Our program gives participants an opportunity to learn about human rights issues, specifically around women’s rights, while learning basic art techniqu! es and creating meaningful pieces of art.  We believe that the process of art-making serves as an opportunity for participants to reflect on how human rights rights guarantee that all women across the globe can live healthy, productive, and meaningful lives.

This panel explores the use of the arts as a powerful mechanism to educate incarcerated young people. The arts educators and cultural organizers in this panel have experienced first-hand the valuable experiences participants have gained, including skills such as teamwork and collaboration, leadership, and global citizenship, as well as hard skills such as art techniques, reading, and project planning. Most importantly, we believe that the arts provide incarcerated young people with opportunity to express their own voices within a safe community, so that they feel that their voice matters and is valued.